Best 5 Fun Unique Outdoor Activities in Hong Kong

What is an exciting and packed lifestyle in Hong Kong? Here you go – Drink and party till late night on a Friday, climb or go for beaches on Saturday, then chill in the rock pool on Sunday. Can we do all the outdoor activities during a short weekend? Definitely! Because it is just extremely convenient to commute to different outdoor spots in Hong Kong.

Where to start?

Follow this guide – Best 5 Unique Outdoor Activities to Do in Hong Kong. [Spoiler!] This is not a typical activities list. If you want something general, please go to Tripadvisor.

1. Ping Nam Stream – The Experience more than Hiking Trails

Ping Nam Stream - experience more than just hiking in Hong Kong
Photo Credit: Vsitter

Hong Kong is full of hiking trails. All are very scenic! Yet, sometimes you might get bored with the proper trails, right? If you find the normal hiking trails too easy, Ping Nam Stream will be your call!

There are numerous rock pools and waterfalls along the stream. This stream trek is very worthy to go. Water is very clear and clean! Not only you can relax and swim in the rock pool under the hot spicy summer, you can also enjoy the natural massage from the waterfalls. For climbers, climb and train your climbing skills on the rock, and jump into the pool for fun!

Just some warm reminders for your journey to Ping Nam Stream, be careful when walking on rocks as they can be very slippery. Stream trekking shoes are highly recommended.

Where is Ping Nam Stream?

Ping Nam Stream, Fan Ling

How to go?

Take the MTR to Fanling station (about 30 minutes from Mong Kok East). Take KMB bus 78k (if you don’t want to have to call the stop) or green minibus 56k ( 25 minutes ride to the destination. Get off at 南涌 NAM CHUNG.More info: Hike Hong Kong

2. Peng Chau – an island excursion against the crowd (still so much fun!)

Peng Chau - The island excursions trip for fun
Photo Credit: Time Out

Speaking of the island excursions in Hong Kong, most of the travelers would visit the popular outlying islands like Lamma Island or Cheung Chau because of the seafood or Chinese traditional culture. No doubt they are lovely. Nevertheless, if you would like to have some quiet moment or reminisce the golden industrial period of Hong Kong, Peng Chau is a good choice. 

Peng Chau is a small island located off the north-eastern coast of Lantau Island. It was a bustling industrial centre during the 70s and 80s. Now, you can still find the ruins like the abandoned workshops, an empty theatre and rustic temples. Take some time to grab a beer on the island and also enjoy the view from Finger Hill.

How to go to Peng Chau?

Take the ferry from the Central Pier.

3. Double Deer Stream (Sheung Luk Stream) – the Hidden Gem near Sai Wan Beach

Double Deer Stream (Sheung Luk Stream) rock pool - unique outdoor activity in Hong Kong
Photo Credit: Chopstick on the Loose

Sai Wan Beach is always one of the best beaches in Hong Kong. The beach is remote and the water is beyond clear. Most of the travelers would just rest and relax for the whole day on the beach. Yet, many of them do not know that there is a hidden gem of rock pools right next to Sai Wan Beach. 

Double Deer Stream (Sheung Luk Stream) is just 10 minutes walk from the Sai Wan Beach. You can find several clear pools at the beginning. Take a dip and have several jumps there, or you can go for the advanced stream trekking to continue your journey. Where to have the stream and beach altogether? Here at Sai Wan and Double Deer Stream.

How to go to Double Deer Stream (Sheung Luk Stream)?

Once you are at Sai Kung, take 29R in front of McDonalds, which will bring you to Sai Wan Pavilion. You may also take a taxi there (taxi is not expensive in Hong Kong, when compared to the US). Walk down to Sai Wan (the beach) from the pavilion. When you arrive at the beach, turn left. At the end of the beach, there’s a stream and a bridge across it at a distance. Walk towards the bridge and go past it on the left-hand side. Go through the bushes and you’ll see a clearing with mesh fences forming some sort of a pen. Go around it on the right, keep walking parallel to the stream. Eventually, the view will open up to the stream and the mountain.

4. Lower Cheung Sha Beach – Enjoy the Water Activities!

Lower Cheung Sha Beach - unique outdoor activity in Hong Kong
Photo Credit: Vsitter

Regular visitors to Hong Kong love going to the popular beaches in Sai Kung or Repulse Bay. Another exciting choice is the Lower Cheung Sha Beach. It is just a one-hour commute from the city center, then you will arrive at the remote beach with a stunning view.

The beach is surrounded by some exquisite bars and restaurants. Grab a couple of cocktails and get sunburnt on the beach. On top of that, you can rent some gears for the water activities, like kayaking or stand paddling. This kind of rental service is rarely found on other beaches. Give a little try of these activities! 

How to go to Lower Cheung Sha Beach?

Ferry from Central Pier 6 to Mui Wo (fast ferry services take 35–40 minutes and ordinary ferry services take 50–55 minutes). Then take bus 1 to Pui O Beach (about 15 minutes) or bus 1 or 2 to Cheung Sha Beach (about 25 minutes).

5. Red incense burner summit – Best Sunset View of the Island

Sunset view of Hong Kong from the Red Incense Burner Summit
Photo Credit:

When you visit a city, one of the must-do activities is to watch the sunset. The dusk is always stunning. Apart from going to the Victoria Harbour or Lion Rock to see the sunset, why not try something unique and close to the center of the Island side – Red Incense Burner Summit. 

Red Incense Burner Summit, Braemar Hill, is one of Hong Kong’s best sunset locations to enjoy the city skyline and the harbour view. The location is so convenient that it just takes 15 minutes to hike from the Paterson & Great George Street after taking minibus from Causeway Bay. Enjoy the sunset and party in the evening!

How to go to Red Incense Burner Summit?

From Causeway Bay Station, catch the no.25 minibus at the corner of Paterson & Great George Street. You can use your Octopus card (the card you use to take MTR) or be prepared to pay the fare with coins (5.20 HKD). Braemar Hill is the last stop & you will end up on a ring road.

There are way a lot more local experiences in Hong Kong. If you would like to go to more unique places, plan your own personalized route with several clicks with Vsitter now! It’s free.

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