What is VSITTER about?


The idea here is to pamper and babysit voyagers and make the journey of every visitor worry-free and special. Founded in Hong Kong by three post-90s who are passionate about travelling and data science, Vsitter is designed to simplify the travel planning process and give the best customized travel itinerary within seconds. 

How is Vsitter different from TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and travel agencies?

Our platform focuses on building a unique experience for you and your family and friends. Taking your personal travel preferences into consideration, our technology tailor an itinerary with attractions you are most interested in and ignore the rest. You no longer need to look up 10-20 pages on travel websites or books before deciding where to go or pay a premium price for multiple communication threads with the travel agent or so called travel expert before arriving at the final plan of your dream trip. 

The planning happens instantly and is done without any human touch as we understand the growing demand for self-service options and digital solutions. The more data we collect, the better itinerary we produce so your feedback to us is extremely important. 

We sincerely hope that our solution will help save your time and energy required in ordinary travel planning so you can focus on having fun during your trip and make the most of your time off.

What features are available now?

In our minimum viable product, we only included attractions in Hong Kong as these are the places the founders are most familiar with and it just makes the validation process easier. The Vsitter web currently captures your travel preferences and suggest activities for your stay in Hong Kong. 

As we gather more data and user feedback, we will progressively roll out more features like adjusting the itinerary real-time based on actual weather conditions or even your energy level. If we are lucky to get sponsorship or investment, we will expand our database to include attractions from more countries. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know once we expand to your next destination.

What do I need to do to start planning my trip to Hong Kong?

Visit the Vsitter website and click “Start Planning”, fill in your travel information including your planned travel dates, age, who are you travelling with and the main purpose of your trip. After that you will see 6 activity type parameters. 

Relax – Adventurous: Slide towards relax if you prefer spending the day lying on the beach at a resort to adventurous activities such as snowboarding and skydiving.

Kids – Adult: Slide towards kids if you are traveling with young kids. If you are not traveling with kids, slide towards adult. (Of course, you’re welcomed to slide towards kids if you or your travel companion still feel like a child.)

Countryside – City: Slide towards countryside if you enjoy activities in the rural areas over the urban area. 

Eye on the Past – Eye on the Future: Slide towards Eye on the Past if you are looking for more cultural and historical attractions. There are a lot of trendy places in Hong Kong as well if you have an eye on the future.

Intellectual – Active: Slide towards intellectual if you like visiting the museums over amusement parks.

Budget Shopping – Luxurious Shopping: Hong Kong is known as a shopping heaven. Tell us your shopping budget for the trip.

Now that you have a better understanding of Vsitter, you can start planning your trip here! Vsitter, the automatic personalized travel planner helps you explore Hong Kong based on your travel preferences. Just fill in your travel details and preference, with several taps, a personalized itinerary will be generated automatically in a few seconds! Try it, it’s free.

Start Planning

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