Should I join package tours or travel on my own to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is always one of the must-go destinations in your life. Just like what Bloomberg Businessweek said, you should visit Hong Kong because of its skyscrapers, natural scenes, luxury shopping, cultural experience and most importantly, food and drinks. Some visitors come here and navigate the city with the help of tour guides, while others prefer to discover on their own. Here is a guide to help you decide whether you should join a package tour or do DIY travel when it comes to a vibrant city like Hong Kong.

Travel to Hong Kong - Attraction point the Peak
Photo Credit: Vsitter

What can you get from the tour package?

Planned itinerary is perfect for the family, the kids and the elderly

We all get busy at work and we probably do not have enough time to plan for our vacations, especially the working moms and dads. A package tour, hence, is perfect for the family, the kids and the elderly. Travel agency plans detailed itineraries and leaves you worry-free! The assigned tour Guide takes you through famous attractions in Hong Kong. For example, the Peak, Victoria Harbour, Disney and Tian Tan Buddha are the top things to do here and they are suitable for big families.

Joining a tour will not give you a taste of local experience in Hong Kong

Sample tour package to Hong Kong
Photo Credit: Travel China Guide

The downside of package tour is that you get limited control over where you go and how much time you get to spend at each attraction, whether you like it or not, you will have to spend a fixed amount of time and travel according to a planned schedule. 

Hong Kong is seen to embrace a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from cultural sightseeing to extreme hiking and from the extravagant nightlife to street shopping. All these are easily accessible! Let’s say we get a couple of drinks at Lan Kwai Fong on a Friday night, you can be on the Dragon’s Back and enjoy the magnificent scenic view of Hong Kong the next day (unless you suffer a serious hangover, we will, of course, recommend you to stay indoors and rest). Don’t let package tour limit your curiosity and the endless possibility of your trip to Hong Kong. 

With package tour you can only get a quick glance of the city as they are designed to cater majority travellers’ interest, regardless of your personal interest, energy level and wishes. It is unlikely that you will get time for an in-depth understanding of an exhibition at the museum or a half-day extreme hike. If you want a true local experience, it is always better to travel on your own.

What if I want the better part of the tour package and the local experience to travel to Hong Kong?

For last-minute travelers, we always want to plan our trip in the most efficient way and if possible, be well taken care of while enjoying the most local experience ever. 

Sounds so greedy, eh?

Sounds so greedy, eh?

Fortunately, there are tons of tools that facilitate travel planning. 

Accommodation: Booking on or Airbnb is just a few taps away. You can even enjoy the discounts on if you are the “Genius member”.

Flight: Skyscanner is always the first flight comparison site one can go to. It is extremely user-friendly and effectively allows you to pick a random destination to travel based on your budget.

Itinerary: Vsitter, the automatic personalized travel planner helps you explore the city based on your travel preferences. Just fill in your travel details and preference, with several taps, a personalized itinerary will be generated automatically. You can even download it in case you expect you will not get free Wifi or mobile data. Let’s say you prefer outdoor activities, your itinerary will include attractions which are more than the popular and crowded touristic spots. Try it, it’s free.

Start Planning

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